Welcome to Neuromedical 

 Neuromedical Sp z o.o. is a R&D company established by experienced medical inventors and business venture
managers that understand market opportunities and the challenges of building and
efficiently manage innovative medical concept in field of neuroscience.

Neuromedical Sp z o.o. focuses on treatment of cognition disorders accompanying Alzheimer disease.
Our project deals with sophisticated neurostimualtion technologies.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Lodz  and international experts team in fields of neurology,
neurophysiology, psychiatry , engineering and experience managers.

Key Benefits
Neuromedical brings independent, high ethical standards and knowledge to the marketplace,
continuously in search of innovative partners in R&D and business opportunities that has a strong base in Poland.

    Structure – We are a privately-owned limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) headquartered in Poland,
supported by an international network of specialists and a local team professionals, including academicians,
technology specialists,business development, marketing, sales and administration managers in Lodz

    Methodology – Methodology - We combine a disciplined approach with direct involvement in the implementation
 process for each and every project; we partner and take the risk with our clients to initiate
and deploythe best strategy to realize success