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We are looking for people willing to participate in our project! If you are a person who is open to learning about modern technologies, would like to gain new experience, has memory problems or someone in your family has Alzheimer's disease, then please join us immediately!

Whom are we accepting?

Check if you qualify:

  • 1 Older people (over 60) with Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia
  • 2 Middle-aged people (40-60 years old) with memory problems.
  • 3 Young people (18-40 years) with memory or sleep problems
  • 4 Fully healthy people, without chronic diseases.

Our device, for therapeutic purposes, uses electrical impulses with a very low current (2mA). People who have any medical contraindications (e.g. pacemakers), are pleased to provide any comments in the registration message (form below). If you suffer from any other chronic diseases, please also include all the necessary information in the form or by phone. We require high personal culture and hygiene from each person. Our company is located in Łódź, so the geographically closest people will have priority.

Are you not eligible for our group? It's okay, write to us and specify your motivation. We will definitely help!

Recruitment process

Each report is verified by a qualified team of doctors and psychologists who will provide you with the highest level of care.

  • 1 Sending the application form
  • 2 Initial verification process
  • 3 Conversation with a psychologist / doctor
  • 4 Training in the use of the VGuard® device and the system
  • 5 Testing the device at home
  • 6 Psychological tests (ONLINE)

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