Our team

The company was founded in 2014 by an international team of experts in the field of neurology, neurophysiology, psychiatry and medical engineering supported by experienced managers. For unique achievements project was recognised by European authorities and granted from European Union Funds.

Dr Tamir Ben David

Main Project Engineer

Dr Ben David brings over 18 years of top management experience in the medical devices development field and venture capital, including Orad, BioControl, BSP, OB-Tools, Virtual Ports and IHCV. Dr. Ben David filed more than 90 patent applications in the field of medical technologies. Dr. Ben David Holds a Ph.D. in Physics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Dr Adam Broncel

Medical Director

Dr Broncel M.D., neurologist. Graduated from Medical University of Lodz in Poland and postgraduate studies in Berkeley, CA, USA. Received PhD in the field of neurology, specialized in neuromodulation, author of many international publications. Experience manager in international R&D projects in the field of experimental neurology. Entrepreneur and co-founder of few international companies.

Yossi Bornstein


Yossi Bornstein, the CEO and the founder of SHIZIM, a life science holding company. He is the Founder & Chairman of SHIZIMXL an international medical devices Innovation centers. Yossi is the Chairman of GCP CLINICAL STUDIES LTD., one of the top provider of clinical research services and educational programs in Israel.

Raanan Gefen

Project Engineer

Mr Gefen specializes in R&D management of ground breaking ventures over more than 30 years, 15 of which in the medical device arena. Raanan led the development of NanoRetina, miniature artificial retina prosthesis, among others. He is the inventor of more than 30 registered patents and many more patent applications in various medical disciplines.

Prof. Piotr Gałecki

Principal Clinical Investigator

Psychiatrist, academic teacher and practitioner. Head of the Department of Adult Psychiatry, Medical University of Lodz. National consultant in the field of psychiatry. Author and co-author of over 300 publications, including combining of psychiatry and psychology.

Prof. Jan Konopacki


Prof. Konopacki is an expert in neurophysiology in the Department of Neurobiology at University of Lodz. He also has served as a Neuroscience professor and visiting researcher at the University of Calgary, Canada. He is the author or co-author of over 190 publications.

Magdalena Krawczyk

Dr n.med. Magdalena Krawczyk


A graduate of the Faculty of Educational Sciences in the field of Applied Psychology in Łódź and postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. She obtained a doctoral degree in medical sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz. Psychologist, psychotherapist, academic lecturer, author and co-author of scientific publications. For 14 years professionally associated with W.S.Sz. im Dr. Wł. Bieganski.

Agnieszka Jarecka

R&D Project Development Manager

Msc at the University of Lodz, Faculty of Management and Marketing, has more than 10 years’ experience in management of R&D international projects. Since 2016 has managed three startups projects from Israel in life-science sector, which have received EU grants. Responsible for cooperating and negotiating with strategic partners and creating policy of the company, involved in all operational and financial activities .

Mateusz Broncel

Project Backend Engineer

Graduated from Technical University of Science and Technology AGH in Cracow, faculty in Electronics and Telecommunication. Has experience in the field of medical electronics, medical software solutions and backend devlopment. His engineering thesis was aimed at building a fatigue detection system from the recording of multispectral signals.

Wojciech Białecki

Project Engineer

Graduated from Technical University of Lodz, Department of electronics, electrical engineering and automation, faculty in Biomedical engineering. Has experience in the field of medical electronics and the processing of medical images and biometric signals. He completed an internship at the Diagnostic Medical Laboratory “Wizja V” performing MRI fMRI and CT tests.

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